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Whatcom County Library System



CBA Support Portal



Social Studies







Uniting to Support Success:  Promoting School/Library Teamwork to Engage Learning for Life


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For more information

About the elementary school portion of this program contact Catherine Sarette.

About the middle and high school portion of this project contact Aubri Keleman.


Our Funding

Uniting to Support Success: Promoting School/Library Teamwork to Engage Learning for Life is funded in part under the provisions of the Library Services & Technology Act, from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Office of the Secretary of State, Washington State Library division.  We thank them for this opportunity!




Elementary School




     Whose Rules?

          Bill of Rights (Beach Elementary)

          Slavery, Emancipation Proclamation and 13th Amendment (Cascadia Elementary)

          Taxation Without Representation (Custer Elementary)

          Leadership Comparison: Jamestown and Today (Eagleridge Elementary)

          Colonial America (Acme Elementary)


     You Decide?

          Slavery (Central Elementary)

          American Revolution: Patriots vs Loyalists (Isom Elementary)

          Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (Skyline Elementary)

          Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places? (Ten Mile Elementary)

          Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places, II (Ten Mile Elementary)

          Foundations of Democracy & Colonial America (Blaine Elementary)

          Revolutionary War (Vossbeck Elementary)     

          Gooseberry Point Ferry Landing Conflict (Beach Elementary)     




     Dig Deep

          Changes in Whatcom County 1880's to the present (Acme Elementary)

          Lewis and Clark expedition (Blaine Elementary)

          Contributions to the settlement of Washington State (Everson Elementary)

          Motivations for and impact of Westward Expansion (Nooksack Elementary)

          Exploration and US Geography (Fisher Elementary)

          Whatcom County: industry and change in the last 100 years (Isom Elementary)


     Causes of Conflict

          Treaty Trail USA (Lummi Nation Elementary)

          American Revolution: Patriots vs. Loyalists (Sumas & Mt. View Elementary)

          Events leading up to the Revolutionary War (Nooksack Elementary)




     Humans and the Environment

          NW Coast Native Americans interaction with the Environment (Fisher Elementary)

          Pre-contact Native Americans by US regions (Harmony Elementary)

          NW Coast Native Americans (Vossbeck Elementary)

          1st Nations and Environment (Everson Elementary)

          NW Coast Nations: Cedar and Salmon (Sumas Elementary)




      People On the Move

           What region in WA State would you want to live in and why? (Kendall Elementary) 



Middle School (6-8)




          Constitutional Issues 

                    Individual Rights vs. The Common Good-Local issues (Mt. Baker Middle School)

                    Individual Rights vs. The Common Good-Freedom of Speech for Students (Blaine Middle School)


          Checks and Balances 

                    Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia-The Indian Removal Act (Ferndale-Horizon Middle School)

                    Looking at Indian Removal Act and Andrew Jackson (Ferndale-Vista & Lummi Nation Middle School)




          Enduring Cultures

                    Comparing ancient cultures: Mesopotamia and China (Meridian Middle School)

                    Ancient Culture Comparison: Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome (Custer Elementary, 6th Gr )

                    Ancient Cultures:  Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome (Cascadia Elementary, 6th Gr)

                    Legacies of Ancient Cultures: Rome, Egypt, India, China, Greece (Lynden Middle School 6th Gr)

                    Ancient Cultures: Mesopotamia, Egypt, S.E. Asia & China (Eagleridge Elementary, 6th Gr)

                    Ancient Civilizations (Skyline and Central Elementary, 6th grade)


          Why History?

                    Focus on the Congo-Blood Diamonds-Current Issues (Mt. Baker Jr. High)

                    US Relations with Cuba (Harmony Elementary, 6th Gr)


          Dig Deep

                    Washington State History, Territorial Days and Early Statehood (Blaine Middle School)

                    Washington State History-Depression Era (Nooksack Valley Middle School)

                    Washington State History-Industry-Lumber and Railroads (Vista Middle School-Ferndale)

                    Washington State History-Industry-Lumber, Railroads and Flight(Horizon Middle School-Ferndale)

                    Law in Ancient Civilizations (Lummi Elementary, 6th Gr)




          People on the Move

                    Irish Immigration during the Potato Famine, Westward Expansion (Lynden Middle School)




          Meeting Wants and Needs

                   Economics and Ancient Civilizations (Mt. View Elementary, 6th Grade)

                   Rainforests in Our Region and Our World (Kendall Elementary, 6th Grade)


High School (9-12)




          Checks and Balances

                    Judicial Review/Separation of Powers (Ferndale & Meridian High School)

                    Aleut evacuation and internment during World War II (Lummi Nation High School)

                   General Resources (Meridian High School) + specific cases like Guantanamo Bay, Hadman v. Rumsfeld, Gun Free Zone, Pentagon Papers and USA v.  Lopez




          Dig Deep

                    Lewis and Clark (Blaine High School)

          Technology Through the Ages

                    Telescopes, Steam Engines and More (Lynden High School)

                    How Guns, Epidemic Diseases and Steel Changed the History of the World (Lummi Nation MS and HS)              

          Causes of Conflict

                    Historical World Conflicts-

                         Christians and Muslims, Early Reformation Era Conflict and the Age of Discovery (Mt. Baker High School)

                    Current International Conflicts (Mt. Baker High School)

                    Korean War:  Soldiers' Experiences   (Ferndale High School)

                    Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Early Native American and Settler Conflicts (Blaine High School)


                    Issues durning the 1960s   (Lynden High School)             

                    Economic Policy Conflicts    (Lynden High School)

                          United States History- Conflicts in the 20th Century

                              US Economic Policy Conflicts (Lynden High School)

                              US Issues during the 1960s  (Lynden High School)




          Humans and the Environment

                    Climate Change and Energy (Nooksack Valley High School)


Information Literacy Lesson Plans for Elementary Aged Students: 



Information Literacy Lesson Plans for Middle School Students:


Information Literacy Lesson Plans for High School Students:




Related Links:


Introduction to the Social Studies Classroom-Based Assessments



Library Services & Technology Act



Institute of Museum and Library Services



Office of the Secretary of State, Washington State Library division





*table adapted from Office of the Superintendant of Public Schools Social Studies CBA's





 High School


You Decide

Who's Rules?

Checks and Balances

International Relations

Constitutional Issue

Checks and Balances

US  Foreign Policy

Constitutional Issues     Chat sohbet



History Cultural Contributions

What's the Big Idea?

Causes of Conflict

Dig Deep
Enduring Cultures

Why History?

Causes of Conflicts

Dig Deep
Technology Through the Ages

Cultural Interactions

Causes of Conflicts

Dig Deep  Oyunlar1



Geography People on the Move

Cultural Contributions

Humans and the Environment



People on the Move

Humans and the Environment

Cultural Interactions

Humans and the Environment

Economics Meeting Needs and Wants

People on the Move

Meeting Needs and Wants

International Relations

You and the Economy

Government Revenue and Responsibility

Causes of Conflict


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